Why GetVoting works

Larger-than-usual poll sample sizes
The number of people we ask is in excess of 46,000 (most polls are only 1,000 people)

Advanced methodology and modelling (MRP)
What is MRP? It predicted a hung parliament in 2017 and Trump winning

Candidate voting records & pledges
We consider a candidate’s voting record, and may ask them to pledge to support a final say referendum if elected

We account for Pro-Brexit tactical voting
We know that The Brexit Party will use tactical voting and non-aggression pacts in some Conservative seats, so their combined vote share should be taken into consideration

We use the most recent, and long term data
We have conducted polling several times since the European elections so we aren’t just looking at the most recent poll, we’re also looking at the direction in which projected vote share is moving

Our recommendations will be updated
We will be updating our recommendations as the campaign progresses and new information becomes available to make the best recommendation

Published and promoted by Rudi Shenk on behalf of Best for Britain, the campaign name of UK-EU OPEN POLICY LIMITED registered at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN. Best for Britain is registered with The Electoral Commission.

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